Secret Decoration of Home Design in India

When exploring Indian home design, one immediately notices its fusion of tradition with a modern twist, a style embraced globally, including by the British. Achieving an appealing ambiance with a distinct character becomes paramount. To grasp the essence of preferred decor, delve into online research encompassing Indian culture, religion, and architecture.

Religious influence, notably sun worship, permeates Indian decor, reflected in the predominant use of yellow—the sun’s color. Decorative elements such as doors, curtains, window blinds, ceilings, and walls showcase intricate patterns mirroring the sun’s radiance. Circular designs, symbolizing the sun’s brightness, are particularly popular.

Furniture selection plays a crucial role in authentic Indian decor. Opt for plush, padded furniture with fabric that creates an abstract aesthetic. Experiment with varying shades of yellow, from light lemon to deeper hues reminiscent of the sun.

Wooden decor, engraved with intricate designs, graces walls and rooms. Lacquer furniture, crafted from durable woods like nut, oak, or rosewood, adds to the appeal. Repurposing old items, such as transforming a car into a coffee table or using a saddle for decoration, injects a unique charm with minimal effort. Wooden furniture serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, concealing items until needed, often with an antique finish.

While yellow remains a staple in Hindu decor, experimenting with colors like light orange, turquoise, raspberry, and burnt orange can redefine the ambiance. Rugs, an integral part of Indian home design, contribute to the overall aesthetic. A yellow rug, symbolizing the sun, complements the decor beautifully. Embrace a diverse palette of colors and designs for each room, ensuring a distinctive and unique look.

Maintain simplicity on the walls, using color sparingly to strike a balance. Creative additions, like placing a vibrant cushion on the couch, contribute to the overall Indian home design. Whether opting for a neutral backdrop or experimenting with various colors and styles, the key is to tailor the decor to suit individual preferences and existing home elements.