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Home Design Free – During the American Arts & Crafts movement in the early 20th century, architectural geniuses like Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, among others, presented the open design in their homes Meadow. In the 1950s, modern architecture introduced further opening into the housing and the more austere exterior design. It was not for everyone.

The planes of transitional houses are popular

In the following years, home buyers are limited to the choice between the traditional, as colonial or Tudor, and modern. In the 1990s, the transitional housing plan began to take hold, giving people who were familiar architecture and home design free that flow freely and wish for more casual life style. Today, many new home builders and buyers are demanding open flat design houses, which go hand in hand with the “dress down Friday” cocooning (surround comfort) and informal home entertainment.

Combining open areas to serve different functions

Almost all exterior style you pick for your home will have some elements of home design free. Especially the opening rate for the combination of space is for accommodation, cooking, eating, family and social gatherings, games, and television. Two main advantages of these designs are flexibility and living space more comfortable.

Different treatments for open plan entrance

In some houses open plan, entry is open to a living room to the left or right, and is opposite to a, with each delineated by arches or columns open dining room. In other houses, you walk into the lobby with a separate room or the living room on one side and dining on the other. In others, when you leave the hall, you enter a large space where the kitchen, dining and living room are all open.

Options open floor plan on one level home

In a one-story house with less than 2,000 square feet (185.81 meters square), or on a ranch with an open floor design, you will not find, in general, no formal entry. Instead, there is an open space containing a family or meeting area, dining area and a kitchen open to everything. Ceilings are usually 9 to 12 feet (2.74 to 3.66 meters) tall. In larger homes, there is a more formal entrance leading to the great room. In the latter form, there are rooms on one side of the great room and a master suite on the other.

Plans for a two free plants

Most home design free is built with an open floor plan design with a foyer, a formal dining room, open on one side and a formal living room on the other. Past these spaces a short hallway opens into a large open space, which occupies the assembly area, informal dining area and an open kitchen. Often there is a loft (not much space subdivision) on the second floor which is open to the great room below. In some homes, the master bedroom is on the first floor with the other bedrooms upstairs. In others, all bedrooms are upstairs.

Higher ceilings and more windows open plant design

In almost all design drawings open floor plan, you will find high ceilings. The old building offers only ceilings 8 feet (2.44 meters), but new homes today range from nine feet (2.73 meters) tall and more. This also adds to the feeling of spaciousness. Another added advantage is that there are more windows to add the Home Design Free, because there are more open areas, and new technology makes windows that are energy efficient and affordable.

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