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Experts in interior tell us some tips to turn any room in the home design ideas articles in a balanced, comfortable and in keeping with the new trends instead. Choose the shade that gives life to the walls, in what detail can change the image of the room, what are the best colors for the room of the young, are just some of the questions that between people who want to know some tips on interior design.
The starting point is to establish your requirements, this is very important. Think about the usefulness of each space, when it is used (day or night), the frequency, which activities are performed. A rule always uses three colors with many tones rather than strictly being attached to two colors. People often think that the prints are terrifying, but this should not be. A bold model used in harmonic scheme creates a soft look, much more than a plain block color. Whether your preferred style is traditional, contemporary, elegant or classic, there are general rules that lead to successful outcomes. Good design is about combining color, texture and shapes until equilibrium are achieved functioning. Any object has to have a purpose or look good to deserve a place in your home.
There are a variety of products of home design ideas articles to choose from, which can be confusing, so it is good to consider some key tips:
• Buy a selection of magazines and mark the pages of anything that catches your eye. Surely you will begin to visualize a pattern – not only in terms of colors, styles also.
• Without being too rigid, it is useful to classify the style -whether classic, contemporary, traditional, ethnic or eclectic, among others. This helps keep you focused and leads to a more harmonious interior design.
• When it comes to color, if you are not bold enough to choose bright colors or do not want the room is too hard, choose a neutral design and adds a lot of color through accessories like pillows, pictures, vases, etc. . . . The best thing about this approach is that you can give the room a totally different look just by changing the accessories.
• Fashion and interior design are often closely linked. Do not be afraid to add personality to your home by representing some bags, scarves, perfume bottles, and many other accessories.
• Decorating a house and engage in interior design can be fun, but if it becomes a chore and everything you do is rigidly planned, the house probably will not be warm and will lack personality.
Feeling of spaciousness in the room
To make any space, but mainly the room seem more spacious, the best option is to paint it with a clear or neutral shade and highlight detail with a more intense shade to provide contrast to the space. For the living, it is best to use subtle and elegant colors like soft pearl. Yes, always combined with the furniture.
The best colors for kitchen

The possibilities are many, but the ivory has always been a color that blends well with all the furniture in the kitchen of home design ideas articles, providing a sense of cleanliness and serenity, perfect for this area of the house. If you do not want to risk, be right in the election.

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