3 Secret Tips for Living Room Design How to comfortably

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Living Room Design How to comfortably (1)
3 Secret Tips for Living Room Design How to comfortably - Living room design ideasThus, in the living room pulls comfort, furniture, wall colors and accessories should be well-matched in the living room design. Modern and streamlined, classic with decorative plaster moldings or at least in a country style with natural furniture and accessories in the living room design ideasyou are spoiled for choice. However, apart from the interior style and color and material of furniture, floor, walls and accessories should be in harmony with each other.

Select the appropriate color

The color in the living room should be chosen not only on personal preferences. Because each color has an effect on the mind of Yellow brightens and brings the sun into the living room. Red on the other hand provides warmth. However, the color should not be too bright, otherwise the sound menacing. Green is harmonious and goes particularly well with wooden furniture, blue calms. Who does not want to do without paint itself in a mini – living room, living room design should be used in the soft tones: Pastel colors make small spaces appear larger.

An alternative to traditional colors are natural colors. These consist of natural components that are solvent-free and provide a healthy indoor climate. So that health risks can be prevented even when painting.

The floor for the living room

Generally, there should be a contrast between the color of the floor and wall. As for the material of the soil limits are hardly set in the living room design: tiles are available in all shapes and colors. They are well suited for underfloor heating as they transfer the heat. Carpet is comfortable and soft, but long-term pleasure, but it should be well maintained. Flooring is warm and is, of course, but you have to dig deep into their pockets for this flooring. Laminate flooring is a cheaper, more robust alternative to wood flooring.

Living room design with accessories

A fireplace is warm and brings comfort to the living room. Those who summarily decide in living room design for such a piece of jewelry, but want to do without a separate chimney and wood, can for example make do with a decorative fireplace. Depending on the model it can be fueled with electricity, a gel or other liquid fuel. With houseplants pulls a piece of nature in your own four walls. And not only that you donate fresh oxygen and some even tie pollutants.
New living room design without great expense complacent with accessories such as a reference for getting on in years, upholstered furniture, a new rug and colored pillows of fresh air can be brought into the living room. In addition, you can create with curtains and carpets in different environment.Many ideas for the living room can be found in the collections of furniture stores and in catalogs. Just have a look at the living room design ideas inspiration and leave!
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